Navigating Your Business in the COVID-19 Phrase

It is impossible to discuss 2020 without raising the global pandemic.

Let me first say that I wish you and your family safety and well-being. I hope your businesses are able to withstand these extraordinary times.

COVID-19 has resulted in certain features of apps being used more frequently than ever. As our society moves away from face-to-face contact, mobile apps are a necessity for all businesses.

Below are some examples of different categories:

Apps for Internal Business

Many businesses are forced to leave the office. We’ve seen this firsthand here at BuildFire. Remote employees can be a great resource, as they work remotely.

A mobile app can make your business communication much more efficient. Features such as document storage, employee self-help, training resources, PDFs and document storage can all be added to the app. Apps are a great way to add a feature for employee directory so that your employees can communicate easily with each other.

A lot of businesses value a secure login to their internal apps. BuildFire allows you to create many different login methods for your app. You can find out more.

Many Digital Marketing businesses are returning to work and engaging in regular activity. This means that they need a way for them to distribute COVID screening questionnaires. This is possible with our Free Text Questionnaire plugin. Employees can answer questions on their own devices, and receive a score to determine if it is safe to return to work. Administrators can view scores, answers and track results.

This type of process can even be used by businesses to check in customers or employees as they enter a building. You can complete the questions directly through an app.

Apps for Fitness and Gym

COVID-19 has had a severe impact on gyms, personal trainers and other businesses in fitness. Some businesses have had to close down for months. Others may still be closed.

The state authorities are restricting the capacity of those who have been allowed to reopen. Some customers may be reluctant to return in-person.

With a fitness app for mobile, you have many options to improve your business model and find new ways to monetize it.

Your app allows you to create videos, workout programs, meal plans and even sell them. It is easy to link your app with YouTube and monetize your videos.

Even gyms have used BuildFire to book training sessions and schedule visits to their physical locations.

Business Apps with White Label

White label resellers and agencies can also enhance their services during the pandemic.

These strategies and examples for internal apps and fitness apps are excellent pitches for customers.

You can start by reaching out to your existing business clients to discuss the possibility of creating an internal app. You can also reach out to personal trainers and gyms in your area to offer app development services.

They will be offered solutions to their problems in real-time. This outreach approach should result in a high response.

Last Thoughts

It looks like we will have to deal with the ramifications COVID-19 in the near future.

Businesses that can adapt to changing times by using digital tools such as app development and other leveraging tools are more likely to succeed. You can also consult with our SEO services in California to grow your business in these situation.

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