How Fast Is Your Mobile Page? Importance Of Responsive Website Design

Mobile browsing is now the most popular way to browse the internet. In 2014, it overtook desktop. How important is mobile sites experience for a website or campaign’s success? A 2016 report by comScore found that mobile accounts for 65% of digital time, and desktop is only 35%. This represents an increase of approximately 5% over the previous year. Desktop is declining at a slightly slower pace. The report also points out that smartphone and mobile app usage are on the rise, which is not surprising. However, this doesn’t mean the desktop has gone extinct. For example, most ecommerce transactions still happen on a desktop. This can be attributed to the fact that online shopping is very tailored to the desktop. Mobile shopping, particularly on smartphones, is still far behind. Although more companies are making investments in this area, and there are great progresses being made, there are still many challenges to overcome. Consumers will soon move to mobile devices, and the desktop will become redundant. Security is another concern, especially for older generations. Many are still skeptical about credit cards online.

The report shows that smartphone penetration is at about 80% for all age groups, but it jumps to 93% for those aged 18 to 34. These are the people who will be buying most online, but don’t have the same spending power as older age groups. All of this information points back to the fact mobile is becoming more popular than ever, and it will continue to grow in popularity. It also tells us that mobile is becoming more popular than ever. You must be mobile-ready to succeed.

For success, user experience and download speeds are critical
Mobile is a growing trend that many sites and brands are committed to, but they’re not doing it right enough. It is crucial to provide a great user experience and speedy downloads. Users will look for better alternatives, much like they do on a desktop computer. Google’s Mobile Website Speed Test Site is an easy and quick way to test your website. It provides results on Mobile Friendliness and Mobile Speed, as well as Desktop Speed. Simply add a URL to the URL box and wait for it to take effect. This can be done on your site. Then, compare it to other popular sites. We tried Google, Instagram, Daily Mail, Google, and the BBC. We found that the majority of sites are now mobile-friendly but not in the delivery area. Except for Google, mobile speeds ranged from 48 to 62 out of 100 on all sites. Do not panic! You can quickly see where there are problems with a site, and then get a detailed report if you wish. These changes are generally not very drastic and can be made quickly. If you’re thinking about buying a WordPress theme for your website, be sure to test it before you buy. It may look great, but it doesn’t perform as well. Google isn’t the only choice. GTMetrix “Gives you an insight into how your site loads and gives you actionable suggestions on how to optimize it. Plus, there’s a dedicated resources section. You can also choose to upgrade to Pro to get a better site.

Page Speed of Mobile Sites

Start testing right away. Don’t forget, visitors will not come to your site if it isn’t properly tested. DnR IT Solutions is a Global Based Website Design Agency in California. We are professional, experienced and forward thinking, and our great strength is decoding our client’s needs into effective solutions. 

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