Pay per Click vs. SEO: what is best for your website?

Both SEO and pay per click can be viewed as two sides of the same coin. Each one helps to increase website traffic in its own way. SEO and PPC are almost identical except for the cost. You might find PPC through Google AdWords or Yahoo Search Marketing a little expensive. The marketing professionals will need to be paid and the keywords that you want to rank for will also have to be paid.

SEO is something your own website marketing team can do over time without incurring additional costs. SEO is free for smart webmasters who are able to use trending keywords to rank high in search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ongoing process that allows search engine spiders to find your website among the maddening crowd.

In PPC, however, users must pay a fee each time they click on your ad, which is displayed above or beside SRLs.

The question is still open after we have clarified the basic principles of each approach. There is no one right answer to the question “Which approach works best?” It all depends on your specific needs and your budget. These are the questions you need to ask if you want a better solution for your company.

  • How much do you spend on website advertising?

Your ad budget is the most important factor in determining your website marketing strategy. Aim to spend $5-10 per day. This is the budget that most websites use for PPC.

For smaller businesses with a more flexible budget, PPC is a better option. There are many benefits to PPC, including:

  • You get faster results PPC allows you to test variables on your website faster. You need to identify which parameters will help you get higher conversion rates and higher CTR when you run a website. To get faster results, you can buy traffic via PPC advertising.
  • Protection against SEO algorithm updates: The SEO algorithm is subject to change more often than Lady Gaga’s outfits. Your website will not get as much traffic if it is optimized for the older SEO algorithms of Google search engine. Your website should be optimized to the old SEO algorithms of Google search engine. SEO Company You must keep your website up-to-date in order to keep up with the latest Google algorithm updates. However, PPC allows you to pay for traffic and you don’t have to worry about what changes search engines make to their algorithms.
SEO vs Pay Per Click

PPC, just like SEO is a learning curve. This helps you move onto more complex campaigns. You should add your PPC campaigns to your Google Analytics account for best results.

  • What is your cost-per-click?

Cost-Per-Click, or CPC, is the cost you pay to get one keyword click. The cost of a keyword click is not uniform and can vary from one industry to another.

Keywords can be bid for per click. You can rank for SEO techniques 2017 using the Google Traffic Estimator. It will show you the average CPC.

The average CPC can be very high. For popular keywords with high volumes, they can reach $30. It is difficult for advertisers to make a quick profit from PPC advertising. We recommend SEO if you are looking to make a bigger profit margin. SEO is not expensive unless you need the help of SEO professionals.

  • What is the population of SERPs within your industry?

Before you start using PPC, it is important to assess the relevancy of your SERPs. Enter your keywords in the Google External Keyword Research tool to see their estimated competition. This tool will also allow you to see the average number advertisers bidding for your keywords. Prices for PPC services will be greatly affected by the popularity of your SERPs.

SEO is the best option for your company if you don’t want to spend more or earn less right now.

It may be obvious that it can be difficult to rank for keywords relevant to your industry. The top few SERPs are held by a handful of authoritative websites. Without investing significant money and time in marketing, it is difficult to replace them. It is more cost-effective to pay for traffic generated via PPC than to wait for organic traffic.

SEO and PPC don’t have to be compared when it comes website marketing. For the best results, you can combine the principles of each. These questions will help you determine the best balance between SEO and PPC for your website.

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